Sell A Home

We are dedicated to helping you buy a home!

You can’t imagine how many folks are now in a home of their own because they let us work our magic. Most thought they couldn’t qualify and could never buy a home. They were wrong!

Sell a Home

Do you have a home you need or want to sell quickly?  Maybe you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing, showing and all the paperwork.

Whatever the reason–VMI Properties can help you by buying or brokering your home in just a few days.  VMI Purchases homes in and around Arlington, Texas and we are affiliated with a group of real estate investors throughout the United States who are anxious to purchase your home regardless of its condition.

We can pay CA$H and close quickly.

We will handle all the paperwork.

You can avoid all the hassles and move on with your life.

Just fill out the information form and we will contact you to place an offer for your property.

I met Dennis when I was facing foreclosure.  He was able to save my house from the foreclosure auction one day before it was to be sold.  He allowed my family to stay in the house and pay him rent until we could get back on our feet.  He introduced me to Lisa Ebrecht who worked diligently on getting me financing despite a low credit score and the equivalent of a foreclosure on my credit.  It took several months to close the deal but the home is now back in my name and I never had to move.  Meeting Dennis was truly life changing for me.  He allowed me to stay in my home of over 10 years and gave me a second chance at owning a home.

Jewell Gossett
And Family
Arlington, TX