Credit Repair

We are dedicated to helping you buy a home!

You can’t imagine how many folks are now in a home of their own because they let us work our magic. Most thought they couldn’t qualify and could never buy a home. They were wrong!

“VMI provides their clients free credit counseling, and encouragement along with a program that requires the accumulation of a substantial down payment.” 

Most Home Owners Are Paying Too Much For Their Mortgage

Unless the buyers have been putting back money for a while, they may not be able to get their dream home.

VMI’s EZ Rent-to-Own program gives the buyer the time to make credit improvements, accumulate a down payment, and take advantage of the much better deal from the mortgage companies.

VMI provides their clients free credit counseling, and encouragement along with a program that requires the accumulation of a substantial down payment.  Our houses are fairly priced using current comparable sales, and they are beautiful.

Just go to the “Review Our Homes” tab, pick out your new home, and contact us to get the process started.  If you don’t see your dream home today, go to the “Tell Us What You Want” tab, fill out the form, and we will do our best to find the home you are looking for, and get back with you.

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If you’re reading my testimony, then you’ve taken the same path I did over a year ago before I met Dennis, of VMI Properties.

If you’re looking for a home of your own, and you believe Dennis, the owner of VMI Properties, can help you achieve your goal, well, I got news for you, HE WILL, AND CAN!


I will make this short, and sweet.  I have nothing to gain from telling my story, except the satisfaction that after someone reads it, they will not hesitate to let Dennis’ company, VMI Properties, put you on the path to the American Dream – Home ownership!


A year ago, I myself leased a home from VMI Properties, and went through the credit repair program.  Now, I own the home I was leasing.  I felt I wasn’t in a position to obtain a home loan.  I DID EXACTLY WHAT DENNIS RECOMMENDED!  My credit score increased over 100 points from 550-580 average to 650-675 average between the 3 credit bureaus.


No two people’s situation is the same.  Just follow the instructions Dennis give you, keep accurate records in a neat file, pay all your bills early, and save extra money when you can.  This will help you complete the process well before the 12 months Dennis will lay out for you.  Then, the extra money will help you pay small bills you may need to pay during closing.  In most cases, you will get your money back at closing, or even better, you may be able to close with no money down, and in MY case, receive a check at closing.


I am very happy with my home, and everything I learned from VMI Properties. I continue with what Dennis has shown me to do, and my credit score is still improving, and yours will too if you listen to Dennis.



Alfred Lee Vance, Jr.


P.S.  I had a lot of people tell me my credit was not good enough to purchase a home like the one I bought.  With my hard work, Dennis Henson’s guidance, and VMI Properties credit repair program, proved them all wrong!